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School is the key to preparing our next generation of environmental stewards. Save the Rain in Schools partners with schools in Onondaga County to provide in-classroom education about green infrastructure and the restoration of Onondaga Lake.

The next generation of green

Save the rain in schools

The Save the Rain program has partnered with schools in Onondaga County to provide...

Tree Planting Program

The Save the Rain Tree Planting Program has developed a robust tree planting strategy for…

Other ways students can get involved:

Combat Litter

Litter in our streets can make its way to our lakes and waterways during storm events. The best way to avoid this pollution is to stop litter at its source. Make it a personal goal to always toss your trash in its proper place – the garbage or recycling bin – and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Or better yet, rethink the products and materials that you use at home and beyond. Make reusable products part of your daily routine and avoid single-use products where possible. Another great way to make an impact is to spend time each week picking up litter in your neighborhood. Try starting with a 10 minute cleanup each week!


One of the best ways to grow a relationship with the natural world is by exploring your environment. Great discoveries and lessons are waiting right outside your door. Our partners from Baltimore Woods have some great ideas on ways you can learn to improve the world around you, while finding out more about it and even yourself in the process!

Clean Water Fair

The County Department of Water and Environment Protection hosts the Clean Water Fair every September! This event allows members of the community to take a full tour of the Metro Treatment Plant and learn how a wastewater treatment plant operates. The Clean Water Fair also offers family friendly activities, green infrastructure displays, wildlife from Onondaga Lake and much more!

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