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"Five Types of Green Infrastructure Incentive Programs"

From Water Environment Federation’s Stormwater Report:

Incentive programs provide a way to increase the use of green infrastructure on private property. These programs can help cities implement stormwater controls on both new and existing developments not covered by stormwater requirements.
Cities can use incentive programs to target specific locations or issues, such as eliminating combined sewer overflows (CSOs), increasing groundwater recharge, enhancing drainage in certain neighborhoods, or improving downtown walkability and access to green space. Some programs offer stormwater fee reduction credits to schools for stormwater education, while others seek to eliminate pollution from electronic waste by providing a discount for household hazardous waste collection.
Incentive programs can serve as a mode of public outreach — providing an opportunity for cities to reach out to customers about stormwater, control measures, and maintenance. Online tools like Green Up DC enable property owners to share their projects and calculate their stormwater and energy-saving successes.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are five main types of incentive programs.
Incentive Types:
1. Development incentives
2. Grants
3. Rebates/installation financing
4. Awards/recognition programs
5. Stormwater fee discounts
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