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Future of Onondaga Lake's Shoreline to be Determined by Community

Last year, [County Executive] Mahoney appropriated $20,000 to support F.O.C.U.S. Greater Syracuse to lead community-wide visioning around Onondaga Lake.
“The proposal that I made to the legislature in my budget was that FOCUS is an organization that already exists that already engages the community in the topics that they are working on,” Mahoney said. “They have agreed to take the topic of the vision for the future of Onondaga Lake on for us.”
The visioning process would be two-fold, Mahoney said.
“There’s two parts to it,” she said. “A lot of documents have been created in the past talking about the lake – I’d like someone to bring those together, and I’d like to have somebody do outreach right now to talk about what the community wants, and then put the ideas that people have into an organized … list of projects that we can do, or a planning document for what we want to see, and also what we don’t want to see on the lake.”
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UPDATE: See F.O.C.U.S. Greater Syracuse announcement: “Explore Old and New Ideas for the Onondaga Lake Shoreline”

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