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GIF – 712 East Fayette Street

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: 2016


*TOTAL cost



712 E. Fayette Street Green SpaceProject Description:

The 712 East Fayette Street Green Improvement Fund (GIF) project was completed in 2016. The project consisted of porous pavement, underground infiltration, and added green space. This work was part of a larger redevelopment project including business and residential space.

The existing building was demolished and a new, smaller building and parking lot were constructed. Porous pavement parking areas are now available on the east and south sides of the building with an area of added green space for tenant usage on the south side of the building.

Stormwater runoff from the parking lot and the roof of the building is collected and conveyed to the porous pavement and underground infiltration system. Runoff from a total of 25,800 square feet of impervious area is managed by the installed green infrastructure, equating to approximately 392,900 gallons of stormwater runoff captured annually.

Download project details below:

712 East Fayette Street Fact Sheet
Project Overview

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