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GIF – Park Avenue Lantern Corporation (Dietz Factory)

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: 2017


*TOTAL cost



Dietz Project

Project Description:

The Park Avenue Lantern Corporation project, also known as the Dietz Factory Redevelopment, located at 225 Wilkinson Street was completed in 2017. This Green Improvement Fund project installed three underground detention basins to capture, store, and slowly release stormwater runoff from parking areas and the roof of the building. The project also added green space areas that were formerly impervious. This project was part of a larger redevelopment of the Dietz Factory building converting the previously largely unused factory building to a mixed-use residential and commercial structure.

Due to clay soils surrounding the project site, there was low infiltration capacity at this location. The green infrastructure was designed to capture the stormwater, store it, and slowly release it over time; reducing the peak flows that reach the CSO 066 combined sewer system in wet weather. The underground detention basin systems can store approximately 98,000 gallons of stormwater, when full. Approximately 9,500 square feet of green space was also added around the project site in areas that were formerly impervious cover.

Stormwater runoff from the parking areas and building roof is conveyed to the underground detention systems for storage, and over time is slowly released to the combined sewer. Any stormwater flows that exceed the designed capture and storage amount overflow back into the existing combined system. In total, 106,620 square feet of impervious area is managed by the green infrastructure installed in this project, equating to approximately 2,006,100 gallons of stormwater runoff capture annually in the high priority CSO 066 area.

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