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GIF – Ranalli ALA

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Cistern
Project Year: 2019


*TOTAL cost



Project Description:

The Ranalli ALA project, located along Richmond Avenue in Syracuse, was completed in the Fall of 2020 as a Green Improvement Fund (GIF) Project. The project site was transformed from an impervious vacant lot to a large United Auto Supply warehouse on the City’s West Side. The GIF project consisted of adding greenspace and construction of an underground infiltration system to manage impervious area stormwater runoff from the warehouse building and parking lot. The greenspace installed amounts to over 5,700 square feet and will manage just over 100,000 gallons of stormwater annually. The underground infiltration trench spans 95,000 square feet and will manage over 1.1 million gallons of runoff from the newly constructed warehouse and parking lot. In total, the new green infrastructure will manage 67,625 square feet of impervious area, capturing approximately 1,292,000 gallons of stormwater runoff annually.

Construction of the underground infiltration system at the Ranalli ALA project.
Completed driveway for the Ranalli ALA project. Next spring, the soil strip to the right will be grown in.

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Project Overview

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