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Grand Avenue (West) Road Reconstruction

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Sewer Abandonment
Project Year: 2019


*TOTAL cost



Limits of the Road Reconstruction/Sewer Abandonment Project
on Grand Avenue are outlined in red on the map

Project Description:

The Road Reconstruction project on Grand Avenue further exemplifies the continued partnership between Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse. This project is another example of the City’s Department of Public Works partnering with Onondaga County through their road reconstruction program for the inclusion of stormwater management. In this unique application, a sanitary sewer that is no longer used and is conveying significant groundwater to the Harbor Brook Interceptor Sewer (HBIS) will be plugged and abandoned, providing a benefit to the Harbor Brook combined sewershed as a whole.

The existing sanitary sewer that has been in place and unused for decades will be abandoned in place, filled with flowable fill, and plugged with mechanical plugs. This will stop the flow of groundwater into the Harbor Brook Interceptor Sewer, thereby freeing up capacity in the HBIS and alleviating hydraulic restrictions downstream. By plugging this sewer, over 10 million gallons of flow to the HBIS will be removed. This is a massive benefit to the combined sewer system. Construction for this project is planned for 2020.

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Project Overview
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