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GIF – RJ Westcott Holding

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Cistern
Project Year: 2019


*TOTAL cost



Project Description:

The RJ Westcott Project, located at 471 Westcott Street and was completed in the Fall of 2019. The project replaced the impervious asphalt parking lot with porous asphalt for managing stormwater from the parking lot and the roof of the large building the lot surrounds. The building serves a variety of tenants ranging from clothing stores to restaurants and the parking lot is heavily used. Prior to the project, the parking lot was in very poor condition and in need of replacement. Approximately 20,000 square feet of porous asphalt was installed during this project. Two roof drain sumps were installed to collect roof water and seven roof drains on the building were disconnected from the combined sewer and retrofitted to discharge to the porous asphalt. Overall, the installed green infrastructure captures approximately 840,400 gallons of stormwater runoff annually.

View of parking lot under construction, laying of geotextile and stone before porous pavement is laid.

Completed porous pavement parking lot.

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Project Overview

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