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Green Streets in Harbor Brook Sewershed

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: 2019


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Project Description:

The Green Streets in Harbor Brook Sewershed projects are comprehensive green street applications located on multiple streets within the Harbor Brook sewershed. CSOs 005, 006, 007 and 009 are high priority sewersheds that discharge frequently during rain events. The candidate streets are listed below with capture area and runoff reduction estimates:

  • Lakeview Avenue (CSO 006)
    Capture Area: 37,619 ft.
    Runoff Reduction:664,193 gal/yr
  • Magnolia Street (CSO 009)
    Capture Area: 89,300 ft.
    Runoff Reduction: 1,576,662 gal/yr
  • South Wilbur Avenue (CSO 009)
    Capture Area: 19,901 ft.
    Runoff Reduction: 351,368 gal/yr
  • Richmond Avenue (CSO 007)
    Capture Area: 36,298 ft.
    Runoff Reduction:640,870 gal/yr
  • North Geddes Street (CSO 007)
    Capture Area: 10,988 ft.
    Runoff Reduction:194,002 gal/yr

This project incorporated infiltration trenches, rain gardens (also known as bioretention), and tree plantings to manage stormwater runoff from Lakeview Avenue, Magnolia Avenue, South Wilbur Avenue, Richmond Avenue and North Geddes Street.

Infiltration trenches capture water in an underground stone trench located beneath a roadway. From there, it slowly infiltrates to groundwater. A rain garden is a depressed, vegetated area that receives stormwater runoff from adjacent paved areas. The runoff then infiltrates to groundwater or is released to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration.

When complete, these green streets will capture a total of 3,427,095 gallons of stormwater annually.

Wilbur Avenue Infiltration Trench.

Magnolia Street Tree Plantings.

Magnolia Street Infiltration Trench.

Wilbur Avenue Catch Basin to Infiltration Trench.

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Project Overview

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