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Town of Camillus, Shove Park

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: 2020


*TOTAL cost



Shove Rain Garden

The project consists of several green infrastructure technologies. Porous pavement, rain gardens, rain barrels and tree planting in Shove Park reduce stormwater runoff for impervious surfaces at the Park, reducing stormwater inflow and infiltration to the sanitary sewer system. This green infrastructure is expected to reduce runoff by 4,545,300 gallons annually.

The Town of Camillus has added porous pavement to parking areas at Shove Park. Porous pavement is used in parking stalls to divert the runoff from the impervious asphalt areas and allow it to infiltrate into underlying soils. This includes the replacement of existing asphalt with porous pavement in the parking stalls of the arena parking lot, the handicapped parking spaces at the arena, and the shoulder parking along Shove Park Drive. The Town is also proposing to construct a new parking lot northeast of the arena, where an existing unpaved lot is used for overflow parking. Roof leaders from the eastern side of the ice arena (up to 9,000 square feet) may also be directed to the northeastern lot porous pavement system.

Camillus also directed runoff from a portion of the ice arena roof (1,000 square feet) to a rain barrel and rain garden system located on the western side of the arena. The rooftop downspout is connected to a rain barrel that overflows to the rain garden, allowing some of the stormwater discharge to be delayed for later use as irrigation water.

Additionally, trees were be planted along Shove Park Drive, within 10 feet of the impervious area. The preliminary species selections are 3-inch caliper Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor) and 3-inch caliper Red Maple (Acer rubrum). The town has planted 12-15 trees along Shove Park Drive.

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Camillus Shove Park SGIP Fact Sheet
Project Overview


Camillus - Shove Park Application
Camillus Application

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