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Town of Geddes, Town Hall


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Geddes Town Hall, Aerial Image

The Town of Geddes is replacing the conventionally paved Town Hall parking lot with porous pavement.

Runoff from the site currently discharges to the West Side Trunk Sewer which currently suffers from large amounts of inflow and infiltration.

The renovated parking lot will cover an area of approximately 10,000 square feet. The porous pavement section will collect stormwater from its surface area as well as runoff from the surrounding surface areas, consisting of a total drainage area of 189,591 square feet, which will capture 1,375,600 gallons annually.

The Town of Geddes Highway Department will maintain the porous pavement. Four times a year the pavement will be vacuum swept and if ponding starts to occur it will be pressure washed with the nozzle at a low angle to the pavement to remove debris.

Download project details below:

Geddes Town Hall Fact Sheet (PDF)

Geddes Town Hall Application (PDF)

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