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Village of East Syracuse, Bagg St. Highway Garage


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Aerial Image of East Syracuse Project Area - Bagg St DPW Garage

The Village of East Syracuse is installing green infrastructure at the Department of Public Works (DPW) highway garage, located on the west side of Bagg Street in the Village.

The project consists of installing a 300 square foot rain garden at the northwest corner of property which will capture runoff from 2,400 square feet of roof area. Downspouts from eastern half of the building will be redirected into rain garden. The village also will construct a sand filter to treat and partially capture runoff from the approximately 35,750 square feet of paved parking area around the DPW facility.

The property currently has poor drainage conditions and runoff from the garage is carried south through a system of drainage ditches which discharges to the South Branch of Ley Creek. Employing green infrastructure, stormwater runoff from the site can be reduced and the remaining runoff will have improved water quality.

Download project details below:

East Syracuse SGIP Fact Sheet
Project Overview
East Syracuse SGIP Application (PDF)
E Syracuse SGIP Application


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