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Vincent Street Green Street

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Infiltration Trench
Project Year: 2019


*TOTAL cost



Project Description:

The Vincent Street Green Street project is a targeted green infrastructure installation in a high priority sewershed that discharges frequently during rain events. The green street is listed below and includes capture area and runoff reduction estimates:

  • Vincent St. (Summer 2021)
    Capture Area: 55,100 sq. ft.
    Runoff Reduction: 1,040,000 gal/yr
    Anticipated Construction Cost: $458,305

The design implements green infrastructure applications at key points along the street in order to capture stormwater. Stormwater collected in green infrastructure practices infiltrates the soil and does not reach the combined sewer. As a result, less stormwater is collected and treated at publicly owned treatment works (i.e. Metro WWTP) and results in a reduced operating cost for the County.

The Vincent Street project incorporates the installation of infiltration trenches underneath the roadway to enhance water quality within the region and reduce the potential for combined sewer overflows (CSO).

The main goals of stormwater improvement projects and the Onondaga County Save the Rain Program is to control stormwater runoff, prevent sewage overflows (CSO), and enhance water quality for nearby rivers, streams, and Onondaga Lake. This is accomplished by collecting and infiltrating stormwater along Vincent Street within the project area.

Infiltration trenches include a stone course located below the ground which allows stormwater collected in the trench to be filtered and infiltrated into the ground.

Download project details below:

Project Overview
Project Plans

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