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West Genesee Street Green Corridor

Status: Ongoing
GI Technology: Infiltration Trench
Project Year: 2021


*TOTAL cost



Project Description:

West Genesee Street, from Plum Street to Geddes Street, is a highly impervious 4-lane road with significant off-street impervious area draining onto it, offering the possibility of substantial stormwater runoff reduction and CSO abatement via green infrastructure in CSO 066. Additionally, the City has targeted this corridor for water main improvements, and are currently progressing a mill and pave of West Genesee Street that will incorporate the same, making this area a good candidate for an opportunistic, dual-purpose project.

The County’s project will utilize underground infiltration trenches, and will provide an estimated runoff reduction of 4,604,000 gallons annually.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the project manager:

Jed Walsh
Project Coordinator, Save the Rain Program
Phone: 315-435-5402

Download project details below:

Project Details

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