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“Save the Rain” Announces New Urban Forestry Program

The Onondaga County “Save the Rain” program celebrated Arbor Day with a special announcement about plans for tree plantings throughout the community. County Executive Joanie Mahoney outlined plans for the new “Save the Rain” Urban Forestry program.

The County will partner with the City of Syracuse and develop a robust tree planting strategy for neighborhoods throughout the City. This new initiative will support the planting of 8,500 trees.
Tree plantings are an important aspect of the Save the Rain Program because they absorb rain water and reduce the potential of runoff to the sewer system.  Trees naturally soak up storm water and use the precipitation to feed their root systems.
The Urban Forestry program will be administered jointly by the City and the County with program oversight by City of Syracuse Arborist. In 2010, the City and County agreed to mutually fund the Arborists position in an attempt to efficiently combine services for both oversight of the City tree canopy while simultaneously addressing storm water management goals.  Many aspects of the Urban Forestry program were developed by the Arborist.
Arbor Day is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care and appreciation.
If you or someone you know is interested in having a tree planted in your neighborhood please view the attached map to see if you are the eligible area: click here
Interested in having a tree planted on your property?  click here to sign up for the program.

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