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OnCenter Green Roof Complete

The OnCenter Complex has completed installation of a 60,000 square foot green roof system to capture storm water runoff. The vegetated system includes a waterproof membrane liner that is covered with a layer of lightweight growing medium, and planted with a mix of sedum (low-growing succulent vegetation).
The new rooftop landscape is a selfsustaining system, requiring little maintenance once established, and relies upon natural processes to retain and evapotranspirate storm water runoff. The roof is estimated to capture over 1 million gallons of storm water annually and is one of the largest green roof applications in the Northeast. In addition, real-time monitoring and data collection will take place on the green roof through a partnership with Syracuse University that will measure the performance of the green roof.
The storm water retrofit at the OnCenter Complex is one of several GI projects being constructed on site at the Convention Center. Plans also include enhancements to the surface parking lot, parking garage and Harrison Street corridor. The OnCenter is home to countless entertainment attractions for local, regional and national audiences and is now home to one of the largest sustainable convention centers in the country.
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