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Compensatory Storage for Harbor Brook CSO Treatment Wetland

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: Archived


*TOTAL cost

The Harbor Brook CSO 018 Constructed Wetlands Pilot Treatment System will serve the dual purposes of treating overflows from CSO018, currently discharged into Harbor Brook, while also acting as a demonstration project to test the effectiveness of three types of constructed wetland treatment systems.

In 2011, the compensatory storage areas on the site were excavated; 5,800 cubic yards of suitable material was stockpiled on site for future use; all unsuitable and excess material was removed; and temporary seed and mulch were installed. Permanent seed and mulch were installed in Spring 2012.  Construction  of the treatment wetlands pilot project began in the 2012 construction season.

Click here for more information on the Harbor Brook CSO 018 Constructed Wetlands Pilot Treatment System.

Download project details below:

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HB Wetland Compensatory Storage Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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Harbor Brook Wetland Compensatory Storage - Project Plans (PDF)
Project Plans


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